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Return To The Station

In the early summer of 2013, the idea for a music video started to become a reality. The idea was to create a video that chronicles the life of a firefighter that, after beginning a successful firefighting career, begins to struggle with stress to the point of drug and alcohol addiction. It was our hope that we could create a piece that showed the heartbreaking progression of depression and stress, but also to show the hope and healing that can come from getting the right help.


August brought the film's cast and crew to Florida where

the video Return To The Station was shot.



The film follows the roller coaster ride of a lifetime as a firefighter on top of the world struggles and finally collapses because he refuses to share or connect with those around him. In the film, the firefighter's wife, friends and Mark Lamplugh of 1st Responder Treatment intervene and place our hero back on the big red truck.


Return To The Station is a fast and hard look at a reality not many see. The short film carries with it not just a warning, but a phenomenal message that there is a way to once again be the rescuer.


Return to The Station was released to the public on September 30, 2013


View the trailer for Return To The Station

To download the music from the video, use the following web addresses!


Everlife: "Are We OK?"


Brian Houston: "Somebody Save me" 


Kole Kruger: "Man Made Heart"

Kole Kruger: "Beautiful Chaos"


Our entire team will be forever grateful for the cooperation we received from these fantastic musicians.

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